Title Register

Comprehensive information on property ownership, tenure, charges, burdens, registration, rights of way, etc.

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Title Plan

Shows the outline of the property, its location, boundaries and layout. Based on the Ordnance Survey map.

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Built-in Digital Map

An efficient and user-friendly way of searching property information of land not having a recognised postal address.

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We are a professional and independent provider of Land Registry Title Deeds and Land Registry documents. Our Land Registry Online search service covers properties in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We have instant access to the Land Registers for over 20 million properties and offer a complete Land Registry search service, including the main Title Deeds, i.e. the Title Register, Title Plan and Registered Old Deeds, and also historical editions of the register and title plan.

The portal is operated by a private company not a government institution. Any search request request lodged on the website will be processed through the relevant Land Registry office or other professional companies. Search results will be forwarded by email or sent by post where electronic documents are not available.

We have significant experience in carrying out the searches that are offered on this portal. If you are not a confident searcher or not sure what document you need please feel free to request one of our services or contact us for further information.

England & Wales

We search the title deeds including the title register and plan, registered old deeds, historical editions of the register, lease and other documents.


We search for Land Register reports throughout Scotland where Titles registered provide detailing on registered owners of the land, charges, burdens.

Northern Ireland

And we conduct Folio searches throughout Northern Ireland for all registered property and will provide our clients with the Folio and Title Plan.