This comprehensive pack includes the Title Register, Title Plan and Registered Deeds for a property.

From the Title Register you can find out who currently owns a property (house, flat, commercial premises, etc) or land in the UK, the address of the owner, the tenure, information on any price paid or stated value if sold after 2000, plus any rights of way or covenants (restrictive or otherwise) on the land or property detailed in the Register.

The Title Plan shows the boundary of the land or property, marked in red. Title Plans are prepared on an Ordnance Survey map and will include the outline of surrounding properties.

Title Deeds usually contain information about rights or covenants (restrictive or otherwise) that may affect the property, but which are not recorded in the Title Register. Additionally, in some cases, pre-registration plans have been stored to clarify the effect of various rights and covenants attached to land or property. In other cases, information obtained from older deeds is set out in the Title Register, but copies of those deeds have not been retained by the Land Registry.

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