This pack includes the Title Registers, Title Plans and all Registered Deeds for four adjoining properties.

The Boundary Dispute Pack is designed to help property owners dealing with boundary issues. It includes all important title documents including the Title Registers, Title Plans and all deeds that are referred to in the registers of two properties that are adjoining. When we refer to ‘two adjoining properties’ that includes the principal property and one neighbouring property.

The documents often contain useful information on boundary lines, repairing and maintenance liability, rights of way, etc

The Boundary Dispute Pack can assist you when dealing with boundary disputes as they can often easily be resolved by referring to any previously documented legal agreements which would usually be found in the documentation that we will provide to you with this package. Once you have inspected the documentation we provide you with, if you then believe that the boundaries are not clearly defined, or that the boundaries have been changed by subsequent agreements but these have not been registered, you may wish to seek legal advice from a solicitor or conveyancer.


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