Obtain a copy of the official Register of Title to a property or land in the UK.

From the Title Register you can find out who currently owns a property (house, flat, commercial premises, etc) or land in the UK, the address of the owner, the tenure, information on any price paid or stated value if sold after 2000, plus any rights of way or covenants (restrictive or otherwise) on the land or property detailed in the Register.

The Title Register will answer the question ’Who owns this property?’

We can provide official copies of the Title Register by email for properties in England and Wales. Official copies are admissible in court and accepted by all government agencies as proof of ownership. For Scotland and Northern Ireland, we provide what are referred to as ‘viewing copies’.

If the property address is unknown or the search is for a parcel of rural land, please use our Map-based Search ❱


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